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Official Forum Rules

Post by LavaBot on Wed Oct 06, 2010 10:26 am

Lavabox Forum Rules

Welcome to Lavabox Forum. The following rules are here to make sure the forum is a friendly place to be and to make sure that the forum is respecting the Terms of Service set out by our hosting company.

1. Respect Staff- Please respect the official staff team that work on Lavabox Forum. The staff that work here are all voluntary and we ask you to respect the great work that they do.

2. No Double Posts- Double posting is considered as spamming and looks like you are trying to gain more Lava Pieces. If you would like to make an addition to your post please use the edit button.

3. Do not post obscene imagery- Posting or linking to images, videos or websites which contain obscene images is not allowed. If you are posting a link to a site which contains swearing, you must say so in your post.

4. Please don’t moderate- We have a dedicated team of moderators that try there best to remove or moderate any posts that are violating our rules although if you do happen to find a post that is breaking our rules then please click the report button or PM a member of staff.

5. No Bad Language- Bad language that is considered inappropriate isn’t accepted on the forum as it disrupts the community.

6. Don’t use colour in posts- Colour is reserved for moderation only please do not use colour in messages.

7. Do not spam- Spam stands for, Stupid, Pointless, Annoying, Messages. We do not tolerate it on the forum and you will be warned.

8. No Advertising- Advertising is not allowed in any part of this forum including Private Messages (PM) and the Chatbox. If you have received a spam PM with advertisement links please send a screenshot of the message to a forum moderator.

9. No Inappropriate Avatars– Sexually oriented, gore and any other type avatars that are considered to be inappropriate and are not allowed.

10. Stay on Topic– Please stick to the topic that has been started and going of topic but be avoided.

Possible Sanctions

- If you were caught advertising by PM, you will see your PM mailbox disabled

- If your avatar doesn't respect the rules and you ignore the moderator's request to have it changed, the Administrator will forbid you from displaying an Avatar

- Ignoring the moderators warnings and continuing to not respect the rules and insulting people can result in a ban from the forum.

- Warnings: On this forum, depending on the gravity of the rules that you break, you will notice one of the following images on the "warning level" on your profile:

- You have no warnings
- You have 1 warning
- You have 2 warnings
- You have 3 warnings
- You have a serious warning
- You are banned

Also note that warnings are adding up on your profile and you will get banned if you:
- Receive 4 warnings
- Receive 1 warning + a serious warning
- Receive 2 warnings + a serious warning
- Receive 2 serious warnings

Exclamation All bans and warnings are permanent.
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